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INETCO Insight 7 combines customer transaction data acquisition, configurable rules-based alerting and adaptive machine learning capabilities to detect front-end fraud attacks in real-time, independently audit end-to-end payment transaction journeys, and reduce customer friction caused by false positives.

Available as an on-premise or Cloud hosted solution, INETCO Insight 7 is the perfect answer for any sized bank, credit union or payment processor that is keen to evolve their defense strategy and implement an agile solution for:

  • Real-time suspicious activity monitoring, card-present, card-not-present fraud and transaction reversal fraud
  • Real-time transaction risk scoring, payment outlier detection and firewall blocking
  • Real-time detection of “man-in-the-middle” attacks and increased security of the payments switch

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7 Key Features of INETCO Insight 7:

  • Out of band, network-based transaction data collection capabilities
  • Multi-point monitoring, transaction link correlation and profiling
  • Multi-protocol message decoding – All metadata, application payload, response/request times & network communications fields
  • Real-time, rules-based alerts engine
  • Device state monitoring
  • Configurable real-time transaction risk scoring model
  • IP Address/Firewall blocking