Banking on ATM Big Data

A whitepaper on how to use real-time transaction data to make your operations lean and customers keen.


While the ATM channel remains a strategic part of a healthy omni-channel banking ecosystem, it is continuously under critical analysis within many financial institutions. The big challenge lies in maintaining ATM fleets as a profitable delivery channel.

This whitepaper outlines five key areas where transaction intelligence can be used to support a profitable strategy around digital transformation, ATM channel distribution and customer service delivery.

It will discuss how a real-time transaction data platform can help financial institutions to continuously collect customer transaction data and turn it into actionable insights related to:

  • Early warning fraud detection and compliance
  • Real-time payments monitoring and performance alerting
  • Customer usage, ATM placement and self-service channel profitability analysis
  • Cash forecasting
  • Reconciliation and ATM dispute resolution

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