WHITEPAPER: Why a Multi-Layered Technology Approach is the Best Choice for Preventing ATM Cash-outs and Cybersecurity Attacks

A whitepaper to help your organization understand the importance of adding transaction-level monitoring to your fraud prevention strategy.

Why a multi-layered technology approach is the best choice for preventing ATM cash-outs and cybersecurity attacks-1

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By adding transaction-level monitoring to existing fraud prevention strategies, gain the power to immediately identify potential fraud attacks – even if these transactions bypass fraud management systems or if the fraud management system has been over-ridden by malware.

Other advantages associated with transaction-level monitoring solutions include:

  • Easy access to transaction data that is collected consistently and in real-time, across all banking channels (ATM, POS, Mobile, Internet)
  • Independent monitoring of the end-to-end transaction journey
  • A back-up system to fraud system alerts over-ridden by malware

“It used to take our fraud prevention team up to 90 days to clarify transaction complaints. Having INETCO Insight cut this to a few hours of time in risk before problems are identified.”

Ander Murillo
Deputy Director of Fraud Prevention

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